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Our Makers

Making clothing to empower women who wear it and those who make it.

In the world of fashion, remembering that each item you wear was made by a real person is often forgotten. Someone has worked skillfully on their sewing machine creating the clothes you're wearing right now.

We often purchase new clothes for how they make us look and feel. But have you really thought about how the person who made them feels? 

If you answered 'yes' then amazing. If not, then that is absolutely fine too, we gotcha! Even for those who do take time to consider where their garments have come from, it's often hard to find the information we need to make an informed decision. It can be confusing and cause us to feel guilty about shopping altogether.

At Aurora, we do things differently around here. You have the right to know how your clothes were made so that you can feel empowered and reassured by your choices. This is why we are transparent with our processes so that you can make informed decisions about where to invest your hard-earned money.

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Our Fabric

We believe that our planet and its oceans deserve a break, so instead of creating more waste, we use RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is an up-cycled marine waste fabric!


With one million plastic bottles, sold per minute around the globe and only 9% being recycled, we are on a mission to capture these valuable resources and give them new life.
RPET is created by cleaning the plastic water bottles that have been taken from marine waste, shredding the bottles into pellets, crushing and melting them and finally spinning the melted plastic into thread. Impressive right?
The great thing about RPET fabric is that it uses 85% less energy than its virgin counterparts, creates 65% fewer emissions and requires 90% less water. So why wouldn't we want to use it?!
Along with all the environmental benefits, RPET is a great quality fabric. It is sustainable, durable, soft and has good resistance to UV, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Ethically Made In China

All of the products are ethically made in China. Our Chinese manufacturing partner is certified for labour, wages, work hours, health, safety, and environmental practices.
So, why China?
We chose to produce our stock in China, as China is the world's leading country in electricity production from renewable energy sources. Along with this, China is ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable, slow fashion. In fact, the country has a key position in shaping the new green trends in the global fashion market. The global green fashion industry is growing, and a great deal of that growth comes from China.

We source our products from the suppliers directly to ensure good working conditions and fair wages. Working with them from the ground up to establish long term relationships. This also allows us to guarantee we source the safest and fully sustainable materials for our products. Placing ethics above profits is what we stand by.

Did you know we also provide meals to our makers once a month to thank them for their hard work?! Find out more here.

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