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Our Story

Aurora was born from a passion for travel and fashion, along with a desire to make a difference. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, and the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows. With Aurora, we want to make a change and support the environment instead of tearing it apart. Aurora is a brand that believes in sustainability and supporting the planet. With our passion for travelling, we have seen the negative effects that have been left on the land, and we want to create a fashion brand that does things differently. We want to provide the opportunity for all women to feel empowered to buy sustainably and look great whilst doing it! Our motto is 'Look Great, Do Great, Feel Great!', and this is how we wish to make the women associated with our brand feel.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable, slow fashion that doesn't break the bank or the planet.


Our Values


We want to ensure that we are open and honest, in all that we do so you can trust in us and trust in the products you buy.


In a quest for a more sustainable planet. We are continuously making it our mission to provide beautiful, timeless, swim and activewear, utilising waste that has already been created. We ensure not to use single-use plastics, we up-cycle waste, and we off-set carbon emissions.


We pledge to make sustainable, slow fashion accessible by keeping the price to the consumer as low as we can without affecting the quality of the product or the livelihoods of those who make them. 


We are concious of the life-cycle of our products. We care about who makes them, the fabric they are made from, how they are packaged and ensuring they are durable quality made to last.

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