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Five tips you need to read for surviving the lockdown

Did you know that people who exercise for 20 minutes a day are 70% more likely to feel mentally happy and less likely to suffer from mental health problems?

Whether you're in the UK in lockdown 3.0, isolating or dealing with a tier system and uncertainty. We understand how difficult it can be. For some people this time has been harder than the rest, as it’s winter, it’s cold and the nights get dark very early.

But keeping fit during this time is really important, not only for our physical health but for our mindset and mental health! Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated when you’re stuck at home and the gyms are closed, but I promise you, it will make you feel better.

Here are 5 top tips for keeping fit;


The internet is an amazing platform for free fitness videos or live classes. Whether you to want to test your strength with yoga, HIIT or weight classes, you can find everything on the internet - Youtube and Instagram should be your new best friend.

Most of you probably know that Aurora has its own personal trainer within the team. Abby runs regular Instagram Live PT sessions to keep people fit and motivated. If you haven’t already, check out some of her workouts here.


How can this keep you fit? Good question! Being fit also includes being healthy and maintaining a routine which is key to remaining healthy. Make sure you wake up and go to bed at a reasonable time, getting a full 8 hours sleep. If you are lucky enough to be working from home then make sure you schedule breaks to get up and move around as well as having a nutritious lunch. If you have a fitness watch, then you can set reminders to get active and keep track of your activity for the day! Even just for 5 minutes every hour, as it’s not good for you to be sat at your desk static all day long.


Yes, I said it, no one likes housework! But let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of things to do at the moment. Believe it or not, doing housework can actually burn off a lot of calories. Plus you’ll feel much better knowing that you were active and have a nice clean house!


This year walking has become the new normal for the whole world. We have all been discovering new, local places to explore in our areas and this is awesome. And on the plus side, nature has definitely benefited from fewer carbon emissions because of this!

Walking is a great and simple way to keep fit and I'm not just talking about the physical side! The benefits to your mental wellbeing are significant and getting out in the fresh air for a daily walk will aid your overall fitness a lot. So those days when you’re feeling a little low, push yourself to get out, even for a brisk walk. It’ll do you the world of good.


This is pretty self-explanatory I know, but it’s so easy to eat junk food and not exercise when you’re at home with little to do! Statistics show that more than 50% of the nation has gained weight since the start of the pandemic in March 2020! Hence why keeping fit and healthy is even more important now than ever.

Where possible try to get your 5 a day of fruit and veg and have a balanced diet. During the winter months, it’s very easy to not drink enough water as we often live on hot drinks. So make sure you stay hydrated. Have a cup of tea/coffee and a glass of water and drink them side by side.

Remember, keeping fit can be challenging at times, but you aren’t alone. Reach out to friends and family if you need support at this time. Also, now is the perfect time to shape your summer bodies so let's do this together!

For more tips about getting through the pandemic, see my blog ‘you need to hear this lockdown’.

Take care and stay safe!

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